Phu Cuong Mekong Complex

Phu Cuong Mekong Complex is one of the most important projects in the development strategy of Long Xuyen city.

Located on Tran Hung Dao – the main street of Long Xuyen city, Phu Cuong Mekong connects to health care, education, entertainment places of the city by easily and quickly way. 

With a 1.79ha area, the client and city government desires to create a complex with the most luxurious and comfortable living space, the most bustling and crowded shopping paradise, it will contribute to rapidly change the face of the city.

To respond to those desires, OasisConcept proposes a multifunctional complex in classical architecture, it produces 83 shophouses and 1 high rise building combines 351 spacious apartments, over 4000 square meters of office, 1000 square meters of retail, with varieties of amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, gym, coffee, shop, parking… the complex satisfies all the needs: accommodation, business, work, relaxation, entertainment...will bring to residence a high-quality life, a comfortable and the most livable environment.

The 25 floors building is located in front of Tran Hung Dao street to maximize the real estate- value. The podium 4floors for retail and office, the tower 21 floors for apartments with nice views and luxury furniture.

An axis through the building that connects the main entrance directly to the shophouse will permit the resident to approach the shophouse quickly. The connection blurs the boundaries of the inside and outside areas, opening a magnificent, bustle, and vibrant space, making a unique and strongly impressive design.

The shophouse blocks 4 floors are arranged along 2 internal axes, the facade design towards the classical architecture with the smooth curve balconies are full of romantic and charm, and the strong columns express the wealth and prosperity of the homeowner.

Our design objectives are adding values, maximizing profit and benefit, OasisConcept accompanies Phu Cuong Mekong to build a high-class complex, an attractive and interesting destination, a new face for the city, and contributing to improving the life quality, making a new and prosperous life to residents.

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project facts
Location :
Long Xuyen city, An Giang province
Date :
2019 - 2020
Area :
1.79 ha
331 apartments
83 shophouses
Category :
Complex, Commercial,Official, Apartment, Shophouse.
Investor :
Phu Cuong Mekong JSC
Design Consultant :
Architecture by OasisConcept
Structure by RFR
ME by Thanh Nhan
Scope of work :
Concept Design
Master Planning 1/500
Construction document design
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