Phu Gia Villas

- Villa is designed by harmonious combination of natural location and modern facilities and facilities. The best response to the need for accommodation and relaxation. Each functional space is designed to integrate the best inside and out of the Villa. Make the most of the natural light as well as the natural sea in the apartment.
- The commercial area is designed with 5m wide facade, on the main landscape axis with pavement approaching 6m wide. Designed in harmony between two functional space: Commercial space and comfortable living space. The commercial area has met the demand of both bringing the dynamic and dynamic for the city of Phu Gia. Raise traditional business practices to a new level.

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project facts
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- Phu Gia Island Villa is located along the beach, in a beautiful location with direct view to the sea is not hidden.
- Commercial Street is located on Phan Thi Ranh Street, opposite is the landscape axis
Investor :
Phu Cuong Group
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Task Implementation :
Architectural design
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