Van Phuc Center

Van Phuc urban center is located in the center - a convenient location to develop commercial services complex. The building will be the highlight of the urban area.
- Located in the apartment complex - high population density. Adjacent to the central park and the central lake.
- The project will form the central area of public square and entertainment of the urban area.
- A symbol of a prosperous, dynamic, intelligent and ecologically vibrant urban.
Connecting public spaces, people living here will enjoy more urban amenities and services, more leisure space and greener spaces.

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project facts
Category :
Commercial and service complex in the South East residential area
Location :
Quarter 5, Hiep Binh Phuoc, Thu Duc Phuc Riverside, HCM
Investor :
Design Consultant :
Task implementation :
Design ideas and design of architectural - interior works.
Area of the project :
- Commercial Area - South East 2
Total area: 7,538 m2
- Complex Area - Southeast 2:
Total area: 10,043 m2
Time :