Ho Chi Minh City Administrative Center

The new administrative center developed on the site of the ancient People's Committee will be a project containing many historical elements. Rather than just building a new building or creating a single building, the redevelopment offers a rare opportunity to reflect the identity of a city that has grown from a small outpost in the last 300 years. The population sparsely populated the city into a modern metropolis of over 7 million people.
The new administrative center will thus be a project that tells the story of Ho Chi Minh City through the interplay of the new and the old, where each part contributes in part to bringing cohesion and meaning to a real unity.
The aim is to create a new image for the city, with the idea:
- Harmony with history
- A new experience of urban space
- Contemporary administrative work.


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project facts
Category :
Location :
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Investor :
People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City
Design consultancy :
- Architectural design: OasisConcept & Enia Architectes
- Structural design: Egis Apgo
Task implementation :
Contest proposal
Scale :
Floor area: 18,000 m2
Time :