Thi Nai Eco Bay Resort

Thi Nai Lagoon Ecotourism is a unique project that links life to "land" and "water" (Country) in an unprecedented way. It is done in the most modern way: respect for nature, respect for the people
We propose a unique "eco-friendly park" with functions in tourism, commercial services, ecology, education, etc., which are ingeniously integrated in the same area. . The project will use a new research method to turn a forgotten land into an eco-park with all the power and proper water storage solutions. All will make a very interesting destination for Quy Nhon. Thi Nai Eco Bay is a place to live.

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project facts
Category :
Location :
Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
Investor :
Yen Ngoc Binh Dinh Joint Stock Company
Design Consultant :
Task Implementation :
Planning 1/500
Scale :
117 ha
Time :
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