OasisConcept is a design office founded based on the European standards and experiences, associated with well-known French companies and experts, working on professional and high ranking design projects. We provide high qualified and professional consultancy service on urban planning and design, architecture, interior and landscape for diverse types of projects such as cities, residential areas, public and commercial buildings, resorts, parks and recreation...

OasisConcept is always working toward the creativity with the key following objectives:

  • Architecture design is adaptive to climate, living habits, landscape and local culture;
  • Habitat and ecological architecture with low energy consumption, respecting natural environment, sustainable development, practical cost for construction and operation;
  • Creating places for enriching social values, which can contribute to improve people's lives with happiness and humanity.
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Our corporate social and environmental responsibility

The principles of sustainability are integral to our work: designing buildings that run at a fraction of the current energy requirements, or urban quarters that can support thriving communities, improving the quality of life in a city for all.